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What’s up with my name?

Published in , 1900

Nothing much actually. I am from Tamil Nadu, in the south of India. Over there, the prevalent Western naming convention of Name = [Given Name] + [Middle Name] + [Family Name] (call it WN) is not followed. Instead, people normally use patronyms in two flavours. Either Name = [First letter of father's Given Name] + [Given Name] (call it TN1) or Name = [Given Name] + [Father's Given Name] (call it TN2). Family names are not used.

My Given Name is Sridhar and my father’s Given Name is Chellappa. So, in the TN1 format my name will be C Sridhar and in TN2 it is Sridhar Chellappa. When I was born, my parents gave me the TN1 name: Officially, I was C Sridhar.

So long as I was in India, it was not an issue. When I decided to move abroad, I had to provide a Family Name/Last Name in my passport. The most common fix people follow is to switch to the TN2 convention, using my father’s given name as my last name. Follow this link to learn more about naming conventions unique to the south of India.

Publication 1

Published in Journal, 2012

We did some things and then published them.



Course assistant: Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems

Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg | Summer Semester 2019

I was the Instructor’s assistant for this Masters level course. My duties were to design and provide exercise problems for the students, based on the week’s lecture topic. The exercise problems involved problems from theory and code implementation. The language used was MATLAB. The course webpage is linked here.